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This month we’re raving about foodie blogger Milli Taylor...

Inspired by her love of Spain, foodie Milli Taylor uses fresh, British ingredients from markets near her London home to make mouth-watering dishes with a Mediterranean twist. Beautiful step-by-step photographs accompany each recipe and our favourite so far has to be the simple-but-delicious chargrilled Aubergine Parmigiana, with mozzarella.

Being half-English means Milli hasn’t escaped a love of cake and the 25-year-old turned her sweet tooth into a job when she set up a catering company and named it after her blog, Milli’s Kitchen. She’s made her quirky cupcakes for celebrities like Pixie Lott and Dannii Minogue and alongside her yummy savoury recipes, get a sneak peek of her latest sweet creations on her blog, too.

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Gourmet and hot dog – not two words usually uttered in the same sentence. But, as it turns out, foodies can’t get enough of a luxury sausage in a bun. See for a round-up of some hip hot dog joints. Think extreme toppings, then check out's unlikely combination of hot dogs washed down with Champagne.

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This shaved fennel, apple and watercress salad from is quick and oh-so-moreish…

Peel 1 apple, slice into 2mm slices and place in a bowl of water mixed with the juice of 1/2 lemon. Finely shave 1 fennel bulb and again toss with the juice of 1/2 lemon. Drain the apple, pat dry and cut into matchsticks. Mix with the fennel, 1 tbsp olive oil, a handful of watercress and season to taste.

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Where? Japan
What? Owara Tamaten
So what’s that, exactly? Marshmallow like you’ve never had it before. Fluffy, sweet and honey-flavoured cubes dipped into a sake, mirin and honey glaze then fried until golden.
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Food critic and Metro columnist Marina O’Loughlin claims her mum’s shortbread is the best in the world. Why? ‘It’s the result of substituting some of the flour for cornflour and using soft golden caster sugar,’ she says. ‘It’s a thing of beauty.’