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Brilliant bargain beans

Many of the plants you grow in your garden produce seeds, which you can collect and then plant the following year. For example sunflower seeds can be collected when the seed heads look big, fat, and brown. Cut off the whole seed head and shake or pinch out the seeds into a paper bag. The secret of success is to collect the seeds at the right time and store them in the right way.

You'll need

  • a plant with ripened seedpods
  • a pair of scissors
  • kitchen towel
  • a pen
  • a paper bag
  • a small pot
  1. Choose a healthy plant in your garden. Wait until the seedpods have ripened and are about to split. Then, on a dry, windless day, cut off the entire seed pod or head.
  2. Remove the bean seeds using your fingers. In a warm place, leave them to dry on some kitchen towel. Label and store them in a paper bag kept in a dry, cool place until spring.
  3. Prepare a pot ready for sowing your bean seeds. Some seeds that are very dried out may need soaking first to encourage them to swell and germinate.
  4. Last year’s seeds have become this year’s new plant. Why not trade seeds with other gardeners and give some to your friends to have a go, too?

Extract taken from RHS Garden Projects, DK, RRP £9.99,

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