Kids garden crafts

Creative containers

Unusual containers for your plants will make your gardening projects more interesting. Any object that has sides can be used, but when deciding what container would be best to use, think about the height and space the plants will need when they’re fully grown.

You'll need a container such as any of the following:

  • a boot or shoe
  • old buckets – reuse old and broken objects
  • a wheelbarrow – use objects in a different way
  • food and drink containers
  • old juice cartons
  • a drill
  • some gravel or broken pots
  • compost
  1. Decide on what container you want to use and where you will put it.
  2. Ask an adult to make some holes in the base to allow excess water to seep out. (Use a liner with holes in if needed.)
  3. Put a layer of the gravel/broken pots in the base (you could also use pieces of expanded polystyrene that small plants are bought in from garden centres). This stops the soil from running out of the holes with the water.
  4. Fill the container with suitable compost. Most plants are happy with multi-purpose compost, but others have specific requirements.

Extract taken from RHS Garden Projects, DK, RRP £9.99,

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