Kids garden crafts

Get ahead

If you can start early in the spring when the weather is still cold, get seeds germinating indoors in these newspaper seed pots.

You'll need

  • a page from a newpaper or comic
  • a glass
  • some soil
  1. Take a page from a newspaper or comic. Fold over one long edge, twice. Roll the paper around a glass.
  2. Fold the overlapping end of the tube inside the glass. This will become the base. Slide the paper off the glass.
  3. Looking inside the tube, fold down the overlapping ends to make a base. Use the glass to flatten the base against a table.
  4. Fill the pot with soil and then it is ready for sowing the seeds. Once the weather is warmer outside, the seedlings can be planted in their newspaper pots straight into the soil, without disturbing the roots. The newspaper pots will disintegrate when planted in the ground.

Extract taken from RHS Garden Projects, DK, RRP £9.99,

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