Q and A with a Morrisons butcher

Seen the latest Morrisons TV advert, when Ant steps in a cow pat and Dec gets a bit too close to a bull? Showing them round is Morrisons butcher Antony Ward, who’s worked at the Knottingley store, Wakefield for eight years. We caught up with him to find out what makes Morrisons meat so special. See the ad being filmed here.

Questions & Answers

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What does it take to be a Morrisons butcher?

One of the most important things is interacting with customers, so you have to enjoy having a bit of banter. We are a traditional butcher’s counter so you also need to be able to help customers and serve them.

What’s your typical day like?

I get to work at 6.30am to look after the meat delivery, which usually takes about an hour to unpack. We start setting up the loose meat counter just as the first customers come through the door so they can see all the displays are fresh. Throughout the day we fill up the counters little and often, cut joints and help customers. If we see someone pondering the display, we stick our noses in to help them in any way we can. I’ve also just been appointed regional trainer to help new Morrisons butchers learn professional skills. Behind the scenes there are lots of checks to do, such as making sure all the signage is correct, and keeping the department neat and tidy.

What are your favourite parts of the job?

I like showing customers how you get from one big piece of primal meat to the steak or joint they want. When we’re asked to cut a silverside joint, for example, you start with a full primal joint on the block and customers often look confused. But once I’ve cut and trimmed it the correct way, it turns into what they asked for. The customer is always interested in the process so it’s a bit of an education for them.

What butcher services do you offer Morrisons customers?

Our main service is to cut fresh meat and prepare it to the customers’ liking. All the counter and overwrapped meat is freshly cut in store – something I can’t stress enough. Customers don’t realise how much we prepare meat in store and it’s why Market Street is so important: we get to show people our craft. We’ve also just launched the Shake & Season rub service, which is great. We offer a free meat rub with your meat –Three Pepper, Smoky Chipotle Chilli, Sweet Minty or Garlic and Herb – and we’ll advise on the best flavour for your meat. Asking customers, “Do you want a free rub?” always gets a funny look.

You starred in the Morrisons TV ad alongside Ant and Dec. How did it go?

Filming the ad was an experience I’ll never forget. Ant and Dec were fantastic, friendly lads. My lines were real tongue twisters and I got them wrong to start with, but Dec took me aside and showed me how to break it down and remember them. They said not to worry and if it takes 30 takes, it takes 30 takes.

What’s your top meat tip? 

What I like to see in steaks is marbling. The fat that runs through the steak breaks down collagen to make the steak more tender and taste even better. If you look for marble, you’re guaranteed a juicy steak.

Meaty facts

  • Morrisons butchers offer a range of beef, pork, lamb and turkey on their counters.
  • There are over 80 different cuts of fresh meat to choose from.
  • The Traditional British Beef range is supplied from around 200 British farms.
  • Morrisons even has its own farm in Ayrshire, rearing its own livestock.