Kids garden crafts

Make a seed-box organiser

Your seeds need looking after while being stored, so what better way to keep them cool, dry, and safe than in your own seed box. If you organise them carefully, you’ll know at a glance when to sow them next year.

You'll need

  • a box with a lid
  • colourful wrapping paper
  • glue/sticky tape
  • scissors
  • marker pen
  • small envelopes
  • colourful paints
  1. Find a box and a lid and wrap them in colourful paper. Cut out some season dividers from cardboard.
  2. Paint a colourful design on the dividers. When dry, write SPRING SUMMER, and AUTUMN on them to show when to sow the seeds next year.
  3. Decorate small envelopes using colourful paints. Also, you could draw or stick on your own plant pictures. Once the envelope is dry, put the seeds inside.
  4. Seal the envelopes and label them with the name of the fruit or vegetable, its variety, and the date. Place in the organizer and cover with the lid.

Extract taken from RHS Garden Projects, DK, RRP £9.99,

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