Each issue we’ll bring you the best from the world of food blogging: our favourite recipes, pictures and ideas. These caught our eye this month...


Lavender brings a delightful flowery flavour to the humble peach in just one of the mouth-watering summer recipes on lavenderand, a sweet blog with French and English influences and a focus on seasonal produce. Get inspired by dozens of posts sorted into helpful categories such as dairy, fish, baking and snacks.


Would you eat a sugary burger? Patty enthusiast Jassy Davis combined her love of the US favourite with her sweet tooth to make these inspired versions of the American ‘slider’ (a mini burger). Her treats are a combination of brownies and vanilla fairy cakes, which Jassy describe as ‘a mental sugar hit.’ Bring it on, we say.


The Polish food trend is here to stay, with ‘Polski skleps’ (Polish stores) popping up at a rate of knots across Britain. Have a go at creating some of the country’s hearty dishes yourself with the help of mum-of-two Ren Behan, who writes at Check out her ‘My Polish Kitchen’ section for traditional suppers and cakes like this delicious poppy seed and plum traybake.


GREAT BRITISH BLOG combines blogger Regula Ysewijn’s three greatest passions: food, Britain and photography. Cooking up British grub dating back to the 14th century, Regula explores the history behind every dish. ‘My journey is long and my love for Britain and its culture is growing with every page I read and every local product I discover…’ she says.


It’s relatively new on the blog scene (born October 2012) but is quickly becoming one of our favourite places to retreat for quirky recipes and mouth-watering photography. Just look at these Mexican chipotle chicken wings with creamed corn. Swoon.