The Food Files

NAME Tamzin Outhwaite, actress AGE 42
LIVES With her husband, actor Tom Ellis, and two young daughters Florence and Marnie
CV Best known for her roles in EastEnders, Doctor Who and Hotel Babylon
RECIPE FAVE Grilled halloumi with honey and orange

Question & Answers

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What’s in your fridge?

‘There’s always some houmous and a bit of fruit. Pesto, reduced-fat cheese, avocados and the odd pizza. I try to be healthy but portion size is a problem for me. I have quite a big appetite.’

Childhood food memory?

‘My mum is half Italian so spaghetti vongole [with clams] was a favourite. There were always tins of clams and bags of pasta in our cupboards.’

Mealtimes: mellow or madness?

‘Madness. I have a baby under one (Marnie) and a four year old. We eat together when we can and the girls have the same food as me and Tom.’

Signature dish?

‘I love soups and stews. I invent them using whatever is in my fridge. I never follow a recipe.’

Last thing you cooked?

‘Chicken salad. I cooked the chicken with onions, garlic, chilli and lime. Then added a bag of salad.’

Unusual food cravings?

‘Jellied eels and shellfish. And I love liver. I didn’t like it as a child, but now I can’t get enough of it.’

Health fix?

‘A home-made juice or smoothie for brekkie. It makes me feel healthy and I know I’ve had some of my five-a-day.’

Favourite tipple?

‘A glass of Champagne. Or a margarita – I find the salt on the rim of the glass very moreish.’

Restaurant bugbears?

‘Overbearing service that makes you feel claustrophobic. You can’t enjoy your meal with waiters hovering around all the time. Or lack of service. It’s important to get the balance right.’

Desert island dish?

‘Sushi – soft-shell crab, salmon and avocado hand rolls with seaweed salad.

Ultimate comfort food?

‘I like a roast dinner in the pub or at home. I have some friends who know how to cook a proper roast, so it’s nice to enjoy that with them.’

Quick-fire food round

Starter or dessert?


Tea or coffee?


Meat or fish?


Favourite street food?

‘I like a “healthy” kebab – chicken shish with garlic sauce.’

Breakfast: skip it or tuck in?

‘Skip it.’


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