Seafood masterclass

‘There’s no need to be scared of cooking fish,’ says Jon Coates, M Kitchen chef. Here’s how to transform it…

How to poach, pan-fry and more

Pan-frying: Ideal for fillets

Always cook skin-side down first, flipping over just at the end, to protect the meat and ensure a crispy skin. Dust delicate fish in flour first to hold it together, and keep your pan still.

Whole fish: Best poached, baked or barbecued

Don’t be put off by bones and skin – they add flavour. If you’re short on space, hire a fish kettle for free* from Morrisons fish counter. To serve, cut along the spine and lift away the flesh.

En papillotte: Perfect for white fish, salmon and trout

French for ‘in parchment,’ create en papillotte by wrapping your fish, with a splash of wine, stock or knob of butter to keep it moist. Prepare a day ahead if you like, and keep in the fridge until ready to cook.

Poaching: Healthy option for most fish (except oily types)

Heat the liquid gently so you don’t overcook or break it up. Poach in a soup or try smoked haddock cooked in milk.

*A £20 deposit is required for fish kettle hire, which is refunded when you return the kettle.

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