Fruit fix

Tea is considered by many to be our national drink. But research from Mintel reveals alternatives to a traditional builder’s brew are soaring in popularity, with sales of fruit and herbal bags rising by 10 per cent between 2009 and 2011. If you haven’t yet discovered the pleasure of a fruity cuppa, now’s a great time to start because Morrisons has launched a range of infusions, including Tropical Fruit Twist, Berry Blitz with Echinacea and Lemon & Ginger Zinger, 75p each, 20 pack (3.8p/bag). If fruit’s really not your bag, the M Signature range now includes Darjeeling tea bags, £1.25, 50 pack (2.5p/bag). Now, what to dunk…?

Which wine suits you? - For the facts about alcohol.Are you fresh or intense? Sweet or smooth? By answering three simple questions, Morrisons can reveal which wines suit you, using a unique category system. Our wine expert Peter Grogan says of the Taste Test concept, ‘It’s fresh, innovative and, above all, brilliantly simple.’ Take the Taste Test then choose from 1,000 bottles now available to order at That’s a lot of tasting!

Scrap leftover guilt

We chuck out some 7.2m tonnes of food and drink every year* – more than half of which is perfectly edible. Now you can donate unwanted portions to people in your neighbourhood who might not be able to cook for themselves thanks to a scheme called the Casserole Club. Most of the diners registered with the club are aged 80 or more. You can share a meal occasionally or regularly – helping a great cause and eliminating binned-leftovers guilt at the same time.


Sun safety

The message is finally getting through and the sun’s damaging effect on our skin is making more of us sunscreen-savvy. But there’s still a fair way to go, with only 49 per cent using sunscreen when spending a whole day in the sun*. To help you stay safe, Morrisons offers a range of suncare products, including these improved high-SPF water-resistant lotions for kids and adults. From £2

*Source: Mintel Beauty & Personal Care

3 OF THE BEST... foodie festivals

Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival

Tickle your tastebuds during the day with real ale, local chef masterclasses, then extend it by few hours with street theatre, music and entertainment until 7pm. 14 - 16 June.

Pembrokeshire Fish Week

On the scenic Pembrokeshire coast, guided boat trips, island rambles and snorkel safaris aim to get everyone as excited about fish as this west Wales county is. Sample seafood at local restaurants, join a cookery workshop, or be inspired by celebrity chefs Bryn Williams and Mitch Tonks demonstrating delicious fish and shellfish recipes. 22-30 June 2013.

The Colchester Food and Drink Festival

Thousands of people visit this festival annually, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Browse over 120 stalls while listening to bands playing samba, folk and jazz. 29- 30 June.

Little helpers

When it comes to caring for your babies, it's the little things that can make a big difference. Everyone needs a helping hand...

Whether you're a new parent or not, your baby's needs remain the same, which is why Morrisons brings you Little Big. Launching this month, it's a brand new range of essentials you can trust to help you look after your baby from day one. Everything from shampoo and bath oil to bibs and bottles have been designed with you and your baby in mind.

Dates for your diary

16 June
Father’s Day. How has your dad influenced you? Tell us on Twitter @morrisonsmag and see what The Fabulous Baker Brothers learnt from their dad, baker Trevor. 

18–22 June
Royal Ascot. Heels and fascinators at the ready! Who's your money on this year?

23 June
Wimbledon begins. Will Andy Murray finally get to lift the trophy?