Great Catch

Television’s favourite duo, Ant and Dec, are making a splash with Morrisons. You’ve probably already seen their cheeky faces in the latest adverts as they go on a journey with Morrisons Market Street experts to discover exactly what makes Morrisons counters a cut above. Click here to see what they had to say on filming the ad, filleting fish and their own culinary prowess…

Questions & Answers

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So, spill the beans. What went on behind the scenes?

Dec  ‘We filmed the fish ad in Whitby. News soon spread that we were there, with lots of the locals coming out to wish us well. It was a fun ad to film and Dan Parr, Morrisons fishmonger from the Jarrow store [in Tyne and Wear], really helped us learn about the different types of fish – how to tell them apart and fillet them. Ant and I think we’re experts now and we’ll be showing off our new talents in the kitchen.’
Ant  ‘We were really lucky. It was a day in January but it was dry and clear and the sea was beautiful and, more importantly, calm. Neither of us got seasick. The funniest part of the ad were the bits we shot on the harbourside. We were trying to pick up the different fish and hold them the right way round for the cameras, while remembering all their different names.’

What did you learn about Morrisons fishmongers?

Ant  ‘That they really know their stuff – not just knowing their mackerels from their mullets, but how to prepare fish and how to make sure the best gets to your table.’
Dec  ‘Also, they’re really great people. They’re keen to share what they know and make cooking and eating fish as easy as possible for everyone – even the two of us.’

What’s your fave fish dish?

Ant  ‘I love my kippers for breakfast.’
Dec  ‘Smoked haddock chowder for me. But since filming this Dan’s given me a recipe for mackerel, which I will be trying out.’

Which one of you is the better cook?

Both  ‘Ant!’

Cooking triumphs and disasters?

Ant  ‘My cooking triumph has to be my roast dinners, but my disaster was at Christmas when I made the gravy using turkey neck. It tasted awful and I nearly poisoned everyone.’
Dec  ‘I’m not bad at roast chicken but I’ve had quite a few disasters in the kitchen. Probably my most memorable one was when I burnt pasta. Who on earth burns pasta?’

What did you enjoy the most about working with Morrisons?

Both ‘Oh, that’s easy – definitely the people. We’ve met some great people who are really passionate about food. They’ve been really welcoming and taught us lots of stuff that we’re now desperate to try out at home.’

Fishy facts

  • Morrisons fishmongers offer over 20 varieties of fish and shellfish on their counters
  • You’ll find lots of hand-made goodies at the fish counter, including salmon swirls, fishcakes and salmon en croute
  • You can ask your Morrisons fishmonger to prepare your fish just how you like it – filleted, pinboned, whatever you like
  • Morrisons fishmongers are trained to give you advice on anything from cook times and to serving suggestions