Family Easter Special

Pebble owl family

These are oh-so cute. Kids will love painting these owls in bright, decorative patterns.

  • smooth pebble
  • white acrylic paint
  • paintbrush
  • coloured paints or felt-tip brush pens
  • varnish
  1. Paint base colour – Make sure your pebble is clean and dry. Decide which side is going to be the front of the owl and paint it with a base coat of white. Let dry.
  2. Add features – Paint or draw on your owl. It is easiest to start with the eyes. Use lots of bright colours. Using flower shapes for the eyes gives a funky, retro look.
  3. Decorate your owl – Paint on some wings and decorate with spots, stripes, or flowers. The brighter the better.
  4. Finishing – Finally, if you like, you can give your owl a coat of varnish for extra shine. Make a few more owls in the same way and when everything is dry, line them up on a bedroom shelf to keep watch.

This is just one of over 50 simple but exciting kids craft projects featured in the Rainy Day Book Of Things To Do, RRP £14.99, Ryland Peters & Small.

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