The Food Files

NAME Suranne Jones, actress AGE 35
LIVES In Manchester, with her dog Baxter

CV Starring roles in Scott & BaileyDoctor WhoCoronation Street

See Suranne in Beautiful Thing in London from 13 April then on tour from 28 May 

recipe fave Blueberry and choc muffins

Questions & Answers

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Do you enjoy being in the kitchen?

‘Yes. But my kitchen looks like a bomb site after baking which, as a Virgo, sends me into a panic.’

Ultimate comfort food?

‘Braised steak and mash. As a kid, if I ever came home to find my dad cooking this, I knew he’d had a good day. Mum did most of the cooking but this was Dad’s dish, his way of treating us. He still makes it for me when I’m ill or come to visit.’

Guilty food pleasure?

‘Most days I eat pretty healthily but now and then I crave something creamy and indulgent, such as a chicken tikka masala or Thai green curry.’

Kitchen staples?

‘Blueberries, which I’ll eat with yogurt, granola and honey for breakfast. Also, Parma ham, cous cous, a huge stash of flavoured teas. And marzipan – I can eat a whole bar in one go. My espresso machine is also a godsend.’

Dream dinner party guests?

‘Meryl Streep, Judy Garland and Marlene Dietrich; all inspirational women who may not have been conventional beauties but who wowed people with their talent and paved the way for actresses like me.’

Restaurant bugbear?

‘Noodle bars that insist on cramming everyone in together on one table. You can’t have a really good gossip with your friends when there are 20 other people earwigging. You end up talking half in code, like a rubbish spy.’

Favourite tipple?

‘I don’t drink any more as boozing makes it harder to be on the ball in front of a camera at 6am, and when I get a day off I hate wasting it with a hangover. The other night, my friend drank pink Champagne while I had a glass of pink lemonade. My 24-year-old self would be disgusted with me saying that.’ 

Desert island dish?

‘A Sunday roast. It never fails to make me feel happy and homely. If I’ve got friends coming round I’ll cook a whole chicken, but if it’s just me I’ll do a “cheats roast” for one. I pop a chicken breast in a casserole dish with carrots, parsnips and olive oil, and stick it in the oven for 20 minutes at 180°C [NB: Make sure it is fully cooked]. Then I pour gravy all over and cook for another 5 minutes so the chicken absorbs all the flavour. Then I serve it with Yorkshire puds. Yum.’

Favourite foodie extravagance?

‘A friend and I recently went to The Dorchester hotel in London for high tea and stuffed ourselves silly on cakes. Then we went to the Harrods food hall and bought veal and rabbit to cook later that night, which was quite posh and not something I’d do every day. I was like a kid in a sweet shop in the food hall, rushing about, totally in my element, grabbing everything.’

What food tests your willpower?

‘I’m obsessed with unusual chocolates, such as spiced chilli chocolate. I’m not one of those people who can just have one square of chocolate then put it back in the fridge. If it comes out, it’s gone in one bite.’

Kitchen-gadget queen or DIY diva?

‘My kitchen’s pretty modest. I have a steamer and a juicer, which are handy. For me it’s all about saving time as I’m so busy – the quicker and easier I can make a meal the better, so I love one-pot recipes. I tend to search for them online or use apps rather than cook books.’ 


Quick-fire food round

Sunday fry-up or sunday roast?

‘Sunday roast’

Late-night cocktails or cocoa?

‘Late-night cocoa’

Michelin star or steal of the century?

‘Michelin star’

Candlelit dinner or breakfast in bed?

‘Breakfast in bed, because of all the extras that come with it, which you can’t get in a restaurant – ahem.’