What's in store

What’s in store

Fancy trying something new? Go on, take your pick this Easter...


Use this sauce to coat pork ribs before cooking. Better still, marinate them overnight for a deeper flavour. Blue Dragon Teriyaki Sticky Sauce, £1.69, 310g (54.6p/100g)

you say tomato, we say passata

Try these sieved tomatoes to enhance your dishes with a sweet, delicate flavour and smooth, velvety texture. Cirio Passata Verace Sieved Tomatoes, £1.75, 700g (£2.50/kg)

small is beautiful

These peas are perfect in paella and tartlets – and they’re frozen within 2½ hours of picking to lock in nutrients. Birds Eye Field Fresh Petits Pois, HALF PRICE, £2 down to £1,* 545g (£1.84/kg) 

*Offer runs 4 - 31 March

the ideal partner for fajitas

Squeeze this topping over fajitas or tacos to add flavour to your Mexican feast and create the perfect meal. Discovery Guacamole Style Topping, £1.99, 290g (68.7p/ 100g)

tex mex medley

For authentic fajitas or simply to spice up a bowl of nachos, this four-pack of dips – Sour Cream & Chive, Salsa, Guacamole and Chilli Cheese – is the perfect side. M Classic Tex Mex Dips Mix, £1.95, 400g (49p/100g)

simple seasoning

Not only perfect in stir fries, you can use this sauce instead of salt in everyday cooking for a more intense flavour. Kikkoman Soy Sauce, £2.29, 150ml (£1.53 /100ml) and Less Salt Soy Sauce, £2.39, 150ml (£1.60 /100ml)

shake it up

The flavour of this thick shake is inspired by the popularity of coffee drinks. It’s made with fresh milk, with no artificial ingredients. FRijj The Incredible Caramel Latte Milkshake, £1.55, 471ml (33p/100ml)

grab and go

These new high-fibre biscuits have wholegrain oats to give ‘Quaker goodness on the go’. Quaker Oats Oat So Simple Breakfast Biscuits, £2.49, 6 pack of 4 biscuits, 6 x 50g (83p/100g)