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Does your favourite tipple reveal more about you than you realise? Our drinks expert Peter Grogan thinks it does... Click on the people to reveal the facts!

The white-wine wannabe

Pale and interesting, white-wine drinkers like things to be smooth, sophisticated and a little bit cool. Appearances are important… and so are calories. They like to be on-trend and in the know and, if push comes to Chardonnay, then Sauvignon it will be. (Although I hear that Picpoul is making friends in all the right places.)

Black Cuvee, £9.99
An intense and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa’s Western Cape, packed with exotic passion fruit aromas and gooseberry flavours, while the finish is soft and well rounded. It’s a perfect match for sushi, grilled fish or roast chicken. for the facts about alcohol.

The ale aficionado

You don’t have to have a beard and a big belly to be a beaming ale drinker. In fact, a lot of the most enthusiastic craft ale converts are women. To look at them, you might think they were white wine people. Variety is the spice of their lives and they like a sip of everything – from the crackling hops of a citrussy IPA to a dark and stormy glass of stout.

Greene King Old Speckled Hen, £1.89, 500ml (£3.78/litre)
Affectionately named after an MG car, the ‘owld speckled un’, this rich, amber beer combines flavours of toffee and malt with a bitterness on the back of your tongue to give a balanced sweetness followed by a refreshingly dry finish. for the facts about alcohol.

The fizz fanatic

Fizz people like excitement and oodles of ooh la la. The thrill of it all, the buzz, the squeals of delight when another cork is popped must be heard to be believed. Prosecco, Cava… sparklers from all over the world, in fact – are yapping at Champagne’s Manolo heels so one doesn’t need to break the bank to feel effervescent these days.

Lavit Brut, £12.99
Super-contemporary bubbles from this traditional Spanish Cava house. As cool a Cava as you’re likely to see… or taste. Bone dry and with a deliciously refreshing citrus zing, this Cava would confidently grace the most sophisticated of tables. for the facts about alcohol.

The red-wine realist

These people like big, bold, intense things and plenty of  ’em. What you see is what you get – and you get a lot. Red-wine realists are not all red-faced table-thumpers but they don’t like any nonsense, either; they like to get things done. And these people like to try all sorts of wines – from Aglianico to Zinfandel. Now, where’s that corkscrew?

Dancing Bull Zinfandel, £9.99
This feisty Californian red boasts flavours of black cherry and raspberry with a touch of spice. Made from robust and flavoursome Zinfandel grapes, it’s just the bottle to bring out with a Sunday roast or your favourite Indian curry. for the facts about alcohol.

The lager lover

Lager people like things clean, crisp and cool like a cotton shirt. To them, the amber nectar makes the world go round so it’s important they can always get their favourite brand. They stick to it like glue and feel just a tiny bit uncomfortable if they have to select another one, like that princess with the pea under all those mattresses.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro, £2.39, 660ml (£3.63/litre)
An intensely crisp lager with an unmistakable touch of Italian style, brewed in Italy to the original recipe conceived in 1963. Crisp and lightly sparkling, its unique taste is refreshing and dry with a clear-cut, clean character. for the facts about alcohol.

The cider sipper

Cider people like things simple, honest and straightforward and these days they don’t always wear smocks or have grass in their hair. Some of them are sweet and some of them are dry and ne’er the twain shall meet. Apple-cheeked and slapped of thigh they like to roister and carouse. They ring the changes with a merry glass of perry every now and then.

Carling British Cider, £1.99, 500ml (£3.98/litre)
The company’s first cider hit the shelves in March. Billed as a ‘modern premium cider’, it’s made in Herefordshire using British apples and claims to offer market-leading taste and refreshment through its crisp taste that offers a hint of sweetness. for the facts about alcohol.


Wine expert Peter Grogan is a regular contributor to the Daily Telegraph and the author of Grogan’s Companion to Drink – the A to Z of Alcohol.

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