The Food Files

NAMES Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly AGES They’re both 37 LIVE London
CV Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, I’m a Celebrity…, Britain’s Got Talent (on screens now) and today they’re the stars of Morrisons TV ads
RECIPE FAVE Pasta with meatballs in tomato sauce

Question & Answers

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Who’s the best cook?

Ant: ‘Me – sorry, Dec… I really enjoy cooking and I’m always trying to learn more about it.’
Dec: ‘I agree – see my answer above.’

What’s your signature dish?

Ant: ‘Meatballs in tomato sauce – bellissimo.’
Dec: ‘I’m still searching for mine…’

Perfect dinner party guests?

Ant: ‘That’s really easy. The Newcastle football team’s starting 11 and me – and no room for Dec.’
Dec: ‘Thanks, Ant. Well I’d have a more intimate dinner; just me, Alan Shearer, Lee Westwood and Girls Aloud.’

Ultimate comfort food? 

Ant: ‘As a true northerner I love absolutely anything with gravy on it.’
Dec: ‘I’m quite partial to a Chinese takeaway.'

Desert island dish? 

Ant: ‘A roast dinner followed by a really good vanilla ice cream.’
Dec: ‘Chinese mixed starters then a roast. I’m not as keen on desserts but I want to try Ant’s ice cream so two spoons for that, please.'





Quick-fire food round

Tea or coffee?

Ant: Coffee

Dec: Green tea


Beer or wine?

ANT: Beer or cider

DEC: Peroni beer


Starter or dessert?

ANT: Dessert

DEC: Starter