Bring out these tasty nibbles while you’re enjoying Eurovision

Vienna food facts

Add to your party buffet with some Austrian-themed dishes to honour the 2015 Eurovision hosts.

  • Schnitzel is a classic Austrian dish – traditionally this is breaded veal, or try our archive recipe for a chicken version.
  • Sachertorte is another famous dish from Austria – a chocolate cake topped with apricot jam and completely covered with dark chocolate icing. Mehr bitte (more please)!
  • Danish pastries actually originated in Austria! Make your own Mini apple pie bites in celebration of European harmony.
  • Coffee houses are a big part of Viennese life, so keep everyone awake until the final results with a good strong brew!

Eurovision stats

  • Ireland has won a record seven times, with Norway coming last 11 times!
  • Last year over 195 million people saw the event in more than 45 countries.
  • The first Eurovision (in 1956) had only seven entrants – the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland. This year there will be 39.
  • 19 countries have scored ‘nul points’ at least once.